DoGood for Luqman

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Cause #2022-0002

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DoGood amount Co-invested to date

S$2,193.00 of S$20,000.00

DoGood Investment End Date: 23/02/2027

Ahmad Luqman was born with Down Syndrome in 1986. He is unable to work sustainably.

Now aged 36, Luqman depends on his parents for his daily care.

However, Luqman’s father, Mr Mohd Nafis is a kidney dialysis patient. His mother is of poor health too, and a housewife.

With community support, the family has come far. However, Luqman’s future is most of concern when his parents are no longer around.

DoGood proposes to crowd-invest S$20,000 for 5 years in a SquirrelSave (Growth) portfolio. Mr & Mrs Nafis are hoping to build a nest egg for Luqman.

SquirrelSave will DoGood for Luqman by investing S$1,000 to kick off the fund raising.

With DoGood, you can invest for Luqman’s future, starting from ONE Dollar. Every Dollar counts.

Please DoGood for Luqman.

Date Name Amount
14/05/2022 Anonymous S$50.00
14/05/2022 Anonymous S$1.00
14/05/2022 Anonymous S$1.00
04/03/2022 Melvin De Silva S$2.00
04/03/2022 Anonymous S$10.00
25/02/2022 SquirrelSave Administrator S$1,000.00
23/02/2022 MARTIN RICHARD WAYNE S$5.00
23/02/2022 Anonymous S$2.00