DoGood for Wan Lin

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S$2,369.00 of S$20,000.00

DoGood Investment End Date: 23/02/2027

Imagine you are bedridden since 3 years of age, staring at the ceiling when you open your eyes – everyday. You cannot move.

Imagine being like this for 35 years!

This is Wan Lin’s story. After a high fever, Wan Lin ended up in a vegetable-like state. Her hands and feet are deformed due to lack of activity. She is able to utter sounds, and can recognise her parents. She has grit and a will to live, despite her parents’ understandable wish to end her suffering.

For many years, Wan Lin’s father worked hard – but has fallen ill and is of old age. Sadly, her father passed away in Feb 2022. Wan Lin’s mother cares for her full-time. The family lives in a 3-room flat, and is grateful for government medical subsidies, community financial support and milk supplies for Wan Lin.

DoGood @SquirrelSave wishes to build a nest egg for Wan Lin. DoGood proposes to crowd invest S$20,000 for 5 years in a SquirrelSave (Growth) portfolio. The proceeds will be given to Wan Lin’s family to support future care needs, when her mother is unable to care for Wan Lin personally.

SquirrelSave will DoGood for Wan Lin by investing S$1,000 to kick off the fund raising.

With DoGood, you can invest for Wan Lin’s future, starting from ONE Dollar. Every Dollar counts.

Please DoGood for Wan Lin.

Date Name Amount
14/05/2022 Anonymous S$50.00
14/05/2022 Anonymous S$1.00
06/03/2022 Anonymous S$100.00
04/03/2022 Melvin De Silva S$2.00
04/03/2022 Anonymous S$10.00
25/02/2022 SquirrelSave Administrator S$1,000.00
23/02/2022 MARTIN RICHARD WAYNE S$5.00
23/02/2022 Anonymous S$1.00